Residential Development – Elm Street Development

Founded in 1977, Elm Street Communities has grown into one of the MD/DC/VA region’s largest privately-owned developers. Over the last four decades, they have developed over 300 distinguished communities with more than 52,000 homes. Elm Street considers itself fortunate to operate in the heart of the Chesapeake Bay watershed and recognizes the enormous stewardship responsibility that goes along with this spectacular location. Environmentally sensitive planning is at the heart of every Elm Street community. Apple Signs, Inc. is honored to have partnered with Elm Street for over 20 years.

“A”-Team Challenge:
Support the developer with visually impactful sign designs that are consistent with their branding and compliments each of their unique communities.

Brand Signage Solution Criteria:

With Elm Street, this normally happens in one of two scenarios, or a combination of the following methods:

  1. They work with a National design firm from the inception of a new community to create the complete branding concept for all aspects of marketing the sale of new homes. We then work to create signage that is consistent with that brand as we will show in pictures below.
  2. Other times, Elm Street contracts us to come up with a completely unique design.
  3. And thirdly, sometimes they work with a design firm that comes up with a sign design, and then work with us to make it come to life. See our section on “Design Development” below in SERVICES PROVIDED.

Services Provided

Design Development – Apple Signs, Inc. was supplied an initial logo and concepts, and we applied our evaluations and guidance to provide the necessary insight they needed to embrace enhancements to their base sign package. This has long been the trademark strength of Apple Signs. We understand how to optimize logo presentation in various forms and integrate in an optimal way.  This is key to providing effecting interior and exterior signage solutions.

Site Research – Provided guidance to architectural and general contracting teams to optimize sign package presentations and minimize installation costs.

Property Development – Supporting the development team’s due diligence with research by evaluating local zoning criteria, reviewing new lease opportunities and sign permit code studies.

Permitting – developing permit drawings and preparing submittals for sign and electrical connection permits as well as structural for free-standing pylon and monument signs. Providing engineer-certifications to meet localized code standards, especially in areas affected by hurricanes. Research local laws and cases to develop presentations for zoning hearings showing the need for relief from the standard code. Included visual photo illustrations, safety evaluations, legibility and impact studies, research supported evidence on similar cases to assist in obtaining approvals.

Brand Signage Solution Examples:

• Tanyard Shores – Our Client worked with nationally recognized design firms Street Sense and Delucci to create the overall brand and look of this community. We were supplied with the corporate style guide and were provided some signage examples of which they liked. We were then tasked to come up with a unique, striking entry feature to compliment the entrance of the community. After a number of revisions, this was the design that was settled upon. 

• Lake Linganore – For this community, our client worked with another nationally recognized design firm called Land Design. They came up with the basic overall look that featured mixed materials to create the concept for a grand entrance. They then worked with us, so that we could bring our 40+ years of experience to bear to properly engineer the sign and bring it to life.